I picked up some worm poop today!

If you want to get technical the correct term is “Vermicompost”  or Worm Castings.  But really it’s just worm poop. Great stuff for your garden, full of micronutrients as well as the usual Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash.  Vermicompost adds organic material that helps to build your soil structure as well.  It can be applied safely to all plants, it will not burn them. The nutrients in Worm castings are immediately available to your plants and don’t need to break down as some other organic fertilizers do. I did a search online to find a worm farmer in my area and found http://northwestredworms.com.

It was very reasonable cost wise to get some fresh worm poop, $5.00 for 5 gallons. You also get some baby worms and worm eggs that happen to be left behind with the castings. So as you add it to the garden you are building a future worm colony to improve your soil.

One thought on “I picked up some worm poop today!

  1. Hi! Wow this is a pretty fancy site, I am impressed. Loved your notes on the worm compost . . . I started composting with worms about two years ago, and at any given moment I literally have at least a cubic yard of castings and of course a couple of yards of glorious compost that is not pure castings . . . love those babies! Those cabbage varmints were awful!!! Hope the nematodes did 'em in! Those raised beds are gorgeous.

    See you soon!

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