Trial and Error, How My Garden Grows

It took years for me to have a successful garden. I thought all I needed to do was till up the ground, plant seeds and water. When I built this house in 1989, my garden did a lot better because I have truly great soil. I got serious about gardening and did pretty well for […]

August - It's Tomato Time!

The Garden in July

June was a very boring month in the garden, I was able to harvest some snap peas, lettuce and arugala but July is when things start to get interesting! I picked the first tomato, a Stupice of course, on July 6th. I didn't get a picture because it went directly into my mouth before I […]

Attack of the Cabbage Root Maggot!

All my lovely Broccoli is gone, one moment they were strong sturdy young seedlings and then all of a sudden they started to wilt. I was suspicious that this was more than just a case of thirsty plants as I had been keeping them watered well. So I pulled one of the plants up and […]

Why does anyone still grow Early Girl Tomatoes?

There are so many new and heirloom varieties that taste so much better! Moskovich and Stupice are two early heirloom varieties that I am in love with. They love the cold wet springs in the Northwest and they reliably produce wonderful sweet tomatoes that taste almost like beefsteaks. Seems like all the nurseries carry just […]

My Favorite Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes have been my favorite vegetable (in actuality tomatoes are a fruit) since I was a child. My father taught me that the best way to enjoy a tomato was arm yourself with a salt shaker, pick them in the garden, and just let the juice run down your chin. I have tried many varieties of tomatoes, every one has […]

Hooray, Hooray, the 8th of May!

   Well actually it's the 9th, but I really meant to do this yesterday! Wow, the weather in the Pacific NW is finally starting to feel like spring. Most of the garden is planted, just trying to stagger my plantings now so I don't end up with everything ready to pick at once. Here is […]

I picked up some worm poop today!

If you want to get technical the correct term is “Vermicompost”  or Worm Castings.  But really it’s just worm poop. Great stuff for your garden, full of micronutrients as well as the usual Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash.  Vermicompost adds organic material that helps to build your soil structure as well.  It can be applied safely […]